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If you would like to add a question, please email us at


Where can I get an entry form?


Entry forms are available for download on the Downloads page. The are also copies available at JB Music in Winkler. Any committee member can also help you get one.

How do I know what class to put a song into?


Class numbers are listed in the provincial syllabus. They are available for purchase from a committee member. There are also desk copies at the Winkler Library and at JB Music. Most schools and music teachers should also have a copy.

If you need help in making a decision, you can contact Dorothy Plett and she will direct you further:  


Is photocopying allowed?


No. Only digital music is allowed with proof of purchase attached.

Can I photocopy a page turn?


No. A page turner would be necessary.

Does my piece have to be memorized?


It is always better if your piece is memorized. If your piece is not memorized you must provide a second original copy of the piece for the adjudicator's use.

Do I need extra copies of my music?


Yes, you need an extra original copy of music for the adjudicator as well as for any performers on stage.

How early should I be before my performance?


It is best to arrive at least five minutes before your session begins. We do our best to keep sessions on time. Having the music turned in to the front desk before the session begins helps greatly.

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