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News: 2014-2015 

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Choral Schedule Changes!

April 13th, 2015


Due to unforeseen circumstances, all of the Parkland school choirs have been cancelled. This means that Tuesday morning there will be NO session, and Wednesday morning will be a short session.


Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon sessions will take place at Northlands Parkway Collegiate. A festival representative will meet you at the door of the highschool and usher you to the choir room.


Wednesday session will begin at 9:30am at the concert hall as planned.

Vocal/Choral/Band Adjudicators - Ed & Millie Hildebrand

January 24th, 2015


For our vocal/choral section of the festival, we are pleased to welcome back Ed and Millie Hildebrand as our adjudicators.


Ed and Millie Hildebrand are well acquainted with the world of song, and are recognized for their extensive involvement in promoting and developing music for all ages in their local Steinbach community and across the provinces. Both have been active in choral music across Canada and into Europe as directors, guest conductors, choral clinicians and adjudicators. A two-year teaching post in Bucharest, Romania provided an invigorating adventure into the art and culture of Eastern Europe. They enjoyed a four-year stretch as co-conductors of the University of Manitoba Concert Choir and were guest clinicians for the Nova Scotia Choral Federation Choral Camp program last summer.


Millie is familiar to Manitoba music educators for her choral collaborations with the University of Manitoba, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the International Peace Gardens Music Camps, regional and provincial honour choirs and numerous choir tours. She is enjoying her sixth year as director of the Faith and Life Women’s Chorus that recently toured the Netherlands and Germany. Millie’s performance background includes past productions with Manitoba Opera, Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre, the Oregon Bach Festival Chorus and Canzona.


Ed’s 34-year teaching career included choral, band, guitar ensembles and musical composition. Since his retirement from public school life, he has added conductorships with the Central Manitoba Youth Choir, Eastman Youth Choir and the University of Manitoba Concert Choir. He presently conducts the Eastman Male Choir and stays current in educational circles through choral workshops, mentoring student conductors, teaching guitar students, and subbing where needed.  


Ed and Millie enjoy other “in sync” diversions, namely gardening, composing travel itineraries and hanging out with family.

Piano Adjudicator - Eleanore McLeod

January 24th, 2015


This year we are pleased to announce that Eleanore McLeod will be adjudicating our piano section of the festival. She is a registered music teacher with many years of experience teaching piano. As a graduate of the University of Manitoba, she holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance (’07), as well as both the Piano Teacher and Performance Diplomas of the Royal Conservatory of Music.  


Recently, she completed her Master’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy.  She has also studied various other pedagogy programs including Kindermusik and Orff.  In addition to teaching piano and theory in her own studio, she also teaches the practical component of Piano Pedagogy at the Canadian Mennonite University.  She enjoys being part of various community music activities as a Festival adjudicator.  She has established the Music Teacher Training Institute which is a unique school of training for the next generation of independent music teachers.


November 10th, 2014


This year's adjudicators are as follows:

Ed and Millie Hildebrand - Vocal/Choral

Al Thorleifson - Speech Arts

Eleanore Mcleod - Piano


More information will be posted soon!

Welcome to the New Website!

November 10th, 2014


So this year we decided to create our own website. We have everything from adjudicator information to entry forms to our history on here. Please take a look around and tell us what you think on the Contact Us page.


This year we are excited to introduce our new President, Dorothy Plett. See her message to you on the About page.


We are also working on getting the festival back into Speech Arts as well as a Band Workshop. Percussion is also a possibility in the near future, but we need more help with that one. If you have any suggestions or would like to help out in these areas, please contact us.

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