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The 2024 festival will be held on April 15 - 19, 2024 at the Winkler Bergthaler Church.



Festival Program Download we are again! We are very excited to have a growing number of entries in both piano and vocal disciplines!

Please check the program for details on performance times and venues. There have been some amendments to the program, you can note specific changes below the download button.

2024 Festival Program Changes

Pages 18, 19, 23
- “Tin Yu Samul Li” should be changed to “Samuel Tin Yu Li”
Pages 20 & 21
- “Sneaky Sam” in K 2065 and K 2054 will be played non-competitively, for
adjudication only
Page 29
- WK 2076a – Katelyn Dyck will not play in this class
- WK 2076b – Stacy Kranz is playing “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” by Gabriel, arr.
Page 30
- K 2003-1 Isabel Wiebe will not play in this class
Page 31
- Add the following three people to class K 2007
o 10. Isabel Wiebe – The Juggler – Faber
o 11. Kinley Wiebe – Kaleidoscope Colors – Faber
o 12. Noah Gerzen – Rainbow Fish – Rollin

Page 38
- K 2708 Order:
o 1. Noah Gerzen & Dorothy Plett – Jumpin’ Tetrachords – Alexander
o 2. Jesslynn Driedger & Mariah Martens – Song of Autumn – Bober
o 3. Lyann & Lias Fochtberger – At the Robot Factory – Olson
o 4. Madelyn Toews & Lauren Wolfe – Dance of the Dragons – Dow
o 5. Gabrielle & Tabitha Rempel – Square Dance – Faber
o 6. Taylor Funk & Breanna Dyck – Maple Leaf Rag – Joplin, arr. Schultz
- K 2703
o Taylor Funk & Breanna Dyck are not playing in this class

Page 44
- Kinley Wiebe will not play in class K 2002-1
Page 45
- Noah Gerzen will not play in class K 2002-2
Page 46
- K 2709
o Alaya Kenemy & Char Kenemy (not Cassandra Giesbrecht)
o Noah Gerzen & Dorothy Plett will not play in this class

2024 Festival Adjudicators

Thank you to our 2024 Winkler Festival of the Arts adjudicators! 

​Up Coming Festival Dates:
April 15 - 19, 2024

There is a new syllabus available for purchase.
A free copy is available for public use at the Winkler library.
If you still need a copy,
contact us



We are always looking for volunteers. No experience needed!

K. H. Neufeld

Follow the link to read more about the history of the Winkler Festival of the Arts

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